Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Some Notes from a Beta-reader about LHOTS

I few months ago, I asked a friend of my daughter's to read Life Happens on the Stairs. She's a bright girl, who's very well versed in her English studies. I thought I'd share some of her comments in the manuscript. Nothing thrills an author more than to see compliments like this:

This is manna for a writer. I'm so grateful for her feedback and encouragement. Just a note: she let me know about the places that needed touched up, too. That's what makes a great beta-reader, honesty. 

Life Happens on the Stairs is available for pre-order now! Be sure to check out this award-winning young adult novel. 

Life Happens on the Stairs—There's no running when it's your turn. Love. Family. Second chances. 

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