Thursday, November 29, 2018

My First Book Signing

For years, I've imagined what it would feel like to be an author at a book signing. The biggest fear was that no one would show and I'd be sitting there twiddling my thumbs. On November 3rd, I found out what a successful day felt like.

Thanks to the local library and some amazing friends, I had a wonderful day, meeting readers, seeing old friends, family and quiet a few people I didn't expect. News travels fast in a small community, and with Facebook it gets around even faster. And in my usual fashion of doing things at the last minute, I wasn't sure what kind of turn-out I'd get on that Saturday afternoon. To my great surprise, for an hour and a half, I had a steady line of people. Their kind words and encouragement have made this sometimes lonely journey feel like I've finally made it to one of my destinations.

I can't thank you all enough for how much you've supported me over the past few months and in some cases, years. From family to old friends, to new friends I've met, especially on Twitter, and to the ones who've taken a chance and bought my book just because another friend recommended it—I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

These two gorgeous kids have watched their mom lament over this story, the ups and downs, the hope and rollercoaster of rejections. They have been my biggest fans and cheerleaders, begging me not to give up, even when they were sick of hearing about my struggles. I'm so proud to be their Mom and to show them that perseverance does pay-off. Over the past few years, I was determined to show them that my work meant something beyond hiding behind my computer, plotting away about fictional people. They understood, but now, they see why I worked so hard.

We had almost 50 people come to our little library that day. I hadn't laughed and smiled that much in a very long time. Again, thank you to all who stopped by and to those who've reached out since the debut of my first novel.

Off to write the next one!

Be blessed!

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