Saturday, November 23, 2019

2019 Maggie Award Winner

On October 3rd, my husband and I packed our bags and headed to Chicago. This was the first time we’d ever flown together. Both nervous as cats, we boarded the plane the next morning and that was when I realized the drive to the city had me more nervous than the flight. Everything went perfectly and a few hours later, we were walking into a beautiful Hilton on the North end of Atlanta.
The weekend was amazing and we had a great time. But the highlight of my 2019 was the moment my name was called. Yes, I won the Maggie for YA!!!! It was incredible!! After years of hard work and chasing the dream, I finally won, and didn’t even have an acceptance speech ready! I was terrified of jinxing the whole thing so I ended up walking on stage with nothing but the blessing I could find my husband and thank him. It worked out perfectly. The whole night was perfect even with its mistakes. I can’t thank GRW enough and the judges! I’m so honored and Very late with this post! Here are some photos of the weekend:

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