Thursday, March 18, 2021


I have exciting news!!! My newest novel A Precarious Lead will be released on March 23, 2021. I really hope readers of Life Happens on the Stairs will take a chance with this one too. It's a much different story, but a fun one all the same. 

Here's the gist—

Ryan McDowell and Austin Bradshaw dream of playing baseball in college and they’re good enough to have offers from the likes of LSU. But when the two best friends lose their parents in a triple hit-and-run motorcycle accident, they have little or no choice but to drop their dreams and go live with Skratch, Ryan’s uncle.
Jimmie Santoro, aka Skratch, is also notorious for being the President of the outlaw motorcycle club, Asylum Brotherhood, the same club who’s suspected in the homicides of their parents. Devastated, the boys walk away from everything they love and move into the MC clubhouse full of bikers. As Ryan becomes suspicious of Skratch’s involvement in the accident, he turns to his girlfriend Cappi, whose dad is the Assistant State’s Attorney and is also indicting the case. When Ryan and Cappi dive deeper into his parent’s past, they find that his and Austin’s dad weren’t the men they’d claimed to be.
Can they escape the sins of their fathers, all while, finding the person responsible for killing their parents?

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